Schools in Gwinnett County

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Finding a lifestyle match among the 437 beautiful square miles of Gwinnett County can be a bit overwhelming to those who are unfamiliar with the area without some points of reference.  You may have already decided on a preferred Gwinnett County City based on your own lifestyle preferences.  Those cities, however, comprise a small part of the county we call home.  Get a more granular view of the amenities in an area through a search by Gwinnett County High School clusters because most of the county is served by one of those public schools.  Doing so will allow viewers to see the award-winning Gwinnett County Parks, stores, and more just a short drive away within or near the same school zone that also serves a neighborhood of possible interest.  Click through the high school clusters here that also display homes for sale in those areas.  

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Gwinnett County Schools

Two public school systems serve Gwinnett County's citizens along with several private schools.  Buford City Schools offers a well-rounded, highly regarded education to the residents of Buford, GA while Gwinnett County Public Schools serve the rest of the county.  Search the homes for sale by school cluster, and get valuable insights into the area including the elementary, middle, private, and specialty schools in each public high school cluster using the links below. Please call me with any questions.

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Buford High School is part of the Buford City Schools System.  Maxwell High School and Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology are both in the area served by Discovery High School while the McClure Health Science High School is in the one served by Meadowcreek High School.  Shop homes for sale near Paul Duke STEM in the Norcross High School Cluster, and Phoenix High Schools in the areas served by Central Gwinnett and Peachtree Ridge High Schools.  Please call to learn more about Buford City Schools and Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Gwinnett County Public Schools offer seven college and career readiness academy high schools with curriculums that feature unique career experiences in high-skill, high-wage professions where students can take advantage of exploration, job shadowing, internships, and more. Find out more about the Academy High Schools at Gwinnett County Public Schools.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) program is currently offered at Norcross High School and Shiloh High School, a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum with appropriate examinations.   Read more about the IB program at Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Gwinnett County Private Schools

Here are a few of the private schools in Gwinnett County with references to their public high school zone in parentheses.  Use those links to get area insights, see the homes for sale, and more near these private schools.

Gwinnett County Private Schools K - 12

Gwinnett County Private Schools K - 8

Gwinnett County Private Schools Infant - 12

Daycare in Gwinnett County

Several options are available all around Gwinnett County for those in need of high-quality, accountable daycare.  The challenge, of course, is often in deciding on the best choice for one's needs from all of those options, particularly when the area is completely unfamiliar to newcomers.  Since this page is about helping users find the ideal match for a given lifestyle, I'd recommend starting the search for daycare at the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.  Those daycares offer the popular Georgia Pre-K Program that prepares kids for kindergarten and enrollment in the program may be easier when the environment is familiar.   Upon choosing a few that are close to an area or property of interest, ask if they offer transportation to and from the nearby elementary school.  And do more research on the facility to get more comfortable with the options before making a decision.

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Continuing Education in Gwinnett County, GA

Accredited Colleges and Universities

Gwinnett County Residents have several accredited continuing education options available to help them achieve their goals in higher education.   Consider these accredited colleges and universities located in Gwinnett County and use the high school cluster links in parentheses to get an idea of the amenities nearby.  

Learn with Gwinnett County Public Library

Gwinnett County Public Libraries are far more than buildings with books and magazines.  Gwinnett County Residents who are also library cardholders have access to an extensive array of resources, both onsite and online for use from the comfort of their home, office, or wherever they are.   Rich, reliable content for research, career guidance, full courses on several subjects, encyclopedias, cultural reference material, homework help, full access to subscription-based content, and more are all available.  Residents can get their accredited high school diploma, and certifications in certain disciplines, build skills in the latest workplace requirements, and use career resources to find employment.  Check out the Digital Resources Page at the Gwinnett County Public Library today. 

The University of Georgia Main Campus is around 40 miles east of Downtown Lawrenceville, GA, and mass transit options are available to those in need of access to many of the other Metro Atlanta, Georgia Colleges and Universities.

Fun Fact:  

Georgia Gwinnett College, part of the University System of Georgia, is one of only a few institutions of higher learning in Metro Atlanta, Georgia that offers a bachelor's degree in Nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schools in Gwinnett County

How many schools are in Gwinnett County Schools?

There are around 144 schools within the Gwinnett County Public School System and five additional public schools in the Buford City Schools System.    

What is the #1 school in Gwinnett County?

In academics, The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology has consistently ranked among the top ten schools nationally based on college readiness, graduation rates, and more according to US News & World Report and other periodicals.

How does one find their school cluster in Gwinnett County?

Enter your address into the Gwinnett County Public Schools School Locator System.  Then call the school to confirm. 

What times do Gwinnett County Schools start?

Start times vary, but high school start times are between 7 - 7:20 AM, and elementary schools are between 8:15 - 8:50 AM.  All middle schools currently start at 9:20 AM.   Phoenix High School currently starts at 8:10 AM.

How many high schools are in Gwinnett County?

There are 28 public high schools in the Gwinnett County Public School System and two public high schools in the Buford City Schools System. The number of private schools varies.

For more information on these schools in Gwinnett County and more, please call me, Associate Broker of Real Estate Solomon Greene, at (770) 271-2156.