Lifestyles by Gwinnett County Public High School Cluster

"Because you're buying the Gwinnett County Quality of Life Too"

Finding a lifestyle match among the 437 beautiful square miles of Gwinnett County can be a bit overwhelming to those who are unfamiliar with the area without some points of reference.  You may have already decided on one of the cities in Gwinnett County based on your own lifestyle preferences.  Those cities, however, make up a small part of the 437 square miles that we call home.  Get a more granular view of the amenities available in Gwinnett County through a search by public high school cluster because most of the county is served by one of those public schools.  Doing so will allow viewers to see the local park offerings, stores, and more just a short drive away from the school that also serves a neighborhood of possible interest.  Click through the high school clusters here that also display homes for sale in those areas.  

Gwinnett County Public School Clusters

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Maxwell High School and Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology are both in the area served by Discovery High School while McClure Health Science High School is in the one served by Meadowcreek High School.  Shop homes for sale near Paul Duke STEM in the Norcross High School Cluster, and Phoenix in the area served by Central Gwinnett High School.  Please call to learn more about Buford City Schools and Gwinnett County Public Schools.