How to Buy a House in Metro Atlanta

Viewing homes for sale online, even judging the homeowner's decorative choices, might be a great pastime, that is, until things get real for you, right?  When they do, fear not.  While the process involves far more than just searching MLS Listings of Homes for Sale, it is exactly why I am here.  You needn't be intimidated by the process with the right resources in place.  I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the steps involved in buying a Gwinnett County Home for Sale.

Get a Local Mortgage Home Loan

In many cases, the next step toward homeownership involves getting pre-approved for the right mortgage.  The local mortgage community offers a variety of options that ease the path into home ownership in Metro Atlanta, including Down Payment Assistance Programs such as first-time home buyer loans, loans by profession, and more.   Having a strong pre-approval letter from a well-respected local lender will strengthen your offer to purchase, so please call me today at (770) 271-2156 for a list of local lenders and the items typically required of the lender for a fast mortgage pre-approval.  Use this handy amortization calculator to arrive at an estimate of the total monthly payment for a property of interest and know the ideal loan amount before contacting a lender.

Share Your Preferred Lifestyle

You're buying a house, and the local lifestyle, and essentially locking into them both for a period of time, so it is important that the right choices for the entire family be kept top of mind.  How does school performance factor into the purchase decision?  Are choices for natural gas important considerations or is one provider OK for the right property?  Gwinnett County alone is roughly 437 square miles, so the availability of senior services, healthcare, sports, parks, recreation, the right shopping districts, and easy access to frequent destinations matter.  Please call for an initial discussion about the homeownership goals and lifestyle preferences of your family.

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Let the Home Search Begin

That property saved to your favorites may present well online and may actually be the right one for your family.  You'll still want to ensure that it is in good condition, priced right, is in an area that meets your requirements, and is within your budget.  If it passes all of these hurdles, then a presentation of the right offer, one that protects the interests of both parties, may be the next step.  In most cases, the seller of the properties that I'll send to you pays for your agent representation in this endeavor.  So whether you're considering existing construction or are building a house and need guidance on new home builders, please call me today for properties that may or may not be among the Metro Atlanta MLS Listings.

Buying a House from Your Landlord

Has your landlord offered to sell the house where you live to you?  Please call me to learn how my past credit and income-eligible (not low-income) clients have successfully bought their rented houses from the landlord with far fewer funds required of them to close.

Safe Closings

You know so much more about your profession than I do, having experienced it from the inside for so long.  I don't know the best practices of some disciplines, but there are local professionals who do.  You see, my business focus since 2006 has been in Metro Atlanta Residential Real Estate, keeping informed of industry changes nationwide, the Atlanta Market, compliance with the rules of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, tactics to protect against the rampant fraudulent activity such as deposit and earnest money theft, ways to protect my clients and more.  Apply my years of training, experience, and other resources in the safe pursuit of your home ownership goals in Metro Atlanta.