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Here's how to get calls and messages from up to 15 desperate Metro Atlanta REALTORS and others over the next few days.

Just register with one of those big national real estate websites found on page one of your favorite search engine and companies who promote their half-truths but really know nothing about Gwinnett County Lifestyles will find you.

That's right. Those sites often force you to register before allowing home searches, contacts with local real estate agents, and otherwise involve themselves in your private purchase or sales transaction. They then send that information to multiple Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta REALTORS, other providers whose services were never requested, and monitor the conversation, even the very first phone call to the number that calls (not the REALTOR's real number), all in an effort to ensure that they earn as much as possible on your purchase or sales transaction, regardless of the likelihood for the frequent robocalls and junk messages that you will almost certainly encounter from a host of shady companies to whom they've sold your non-public, private information.

Instead, search the same properties in Georgia MLS, then...

get answers to your questions quickly and privately without scripts or the flurry of REALTORS calling to get attention.

Please write or call me at (770) 271-2156 so that I can answer your questions about Metro Atlanta and Gwinnett County Real Estate. You'll speak with one compassionate, knowledgeable and accountable agent, then be allowed to move on and make an informed decision about buying, selling, possible changes in home value, how to evaluate the local schools, and more, all assured that your private information remains so. Of course, I hope to earn an interview for the job when the time comes to buy or sell, but you make that call. Right now, let's just get you a few answers about Metro Atlanta and Gwinnett County.

Sellers, your property listing will, indeed, appear in the search results of those major platforms should I be trusted with your home sale, only with more privacy.

About Drake Realty and Solomon Greene

About Drake Realty, Inc.

Drake Realty, a Metro Atlanta Real Estate Brokerage accredited A+ with the Better Business Bureau, has served Metro Atlanta with the highest level of quality in real estate services since 1991, offering a full menu that includes land, commercial, investment, and residential.

About Solomon Greene, Drake Realty, Inc.

Metro Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate Brokers Associate, Realtist

Experience and drive truly matter in Metro Atlanta Residential Real Estate Transactions. I have been an attentive, experienced, and patient Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agent, fully invested in client transactions since 2006, supporting equal housing for all. My clients, other agents, vendors and anyone involved in the purchase or sale see, speak with, write to, and hear directly from me throughout the process and I am right there celebrating (when appropriate) with them at the closing table and beyond.

Gain an Advantage over Competitors in Tough Bidding Wars

Give yourself the best chance at the win with a proven list of trusted local lenders who can quickly close on mortgages involving the various national and local homebuying programs for eligible borrowers including mortgage financing at up to 100%. Many of my clients have then used the funds originally saved for their down payment toward closing costs, offers above the list price, home warranties, and other incentives that appealed to sellers with multiple offers.

Greater Peace of Mind

Lets face it. Requests for inspection periods of ten days often place your offer lower in the stack for Gwinnett Homes these days. Put my list of affordable, responsive, and thorough home inspectors to work quickly at reviewing a property once the offer has been accepted so that you have a higher level of peace with your purchase. Then remain at peace through the services of a local insurance agent from my list of providers, including those who offer coverage for earthquakes (yes, that's a thing here), floods, standard coverage, and more.

Local appraisers, trusted moving companies, and stagers are all available to seller clients looking for the highest return on their investment in the shortest time period.

Please write or call (770) 271-2156 to put these resources available when making or selling your home in Gwinnett County.

Home Inspection Tips for D-I-Yers eBook

Available at Amazon and Google Play

More about Solomon Greene, Drake Realty, Inc.

As a former HUD and State of Georgia-Certified Housing Counselor, I am firmly committed to the interests of the homeowner, whether that involves home retention or a sale. Unlike those self-dealing peddlers of guaranteed sales and iBuyers, I partner with owners, discussing ways that may save their homes from foreclosure, helping them prepare, price, and promote their properties to quickly attract and close with the right buyer on the most favorable terms within their preferred time frame for the highest net dollar amount that the market will return to them on their investment. I also offer a complete mix of resources to potential home buyers, including a registration-free search engine display of Metro Atlanta MLS Listings of Homes for Sale that can notify them of new listings upon market entry, information on the many area lifestyles available in Metro Atlanta, a variety of direct local lenders with menus of local home buying programs and other vendors who are firmly committed to a smooth and timely settlement.

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My experience covers the frequent Metro Atlanta purchase and sale of...

  • Fixer-uppers

  • Foreclosures

  • Government-owned properties

  • New construction

  • Short sales and

  • Transactions involving condominiums and fee simple properties.

I have also worked closely with personal representatives in the sale of probate homes, townhouses, and single-detached properties. I handle the negotiations, explain all of the sales paperwork and otherwise ensure an easy, pleasant purchase and sale experience. Here are some of my most recent sales.


  • Licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission as a real estate agent in 2006

  • Certified by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs as an Affordable Housing Counselor in 2009, 2012 and 2015

  • Licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission as an associate real estate broker in 2012

  • Commissioned as a Notary Public by the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority

Please write or call (770) 271-2156 Solomon Greene today and put these resources to work in the purchase or sale of your Metro Atlanta Home. Be sure to ask about my frequently updating property inspection e-book that has helped sellers prepare their homes to sell for more and buyers objectively consider a property’s condition.

Solomon Greene, Drake Realty, Inc.