Private Home Sales

Did you know that Metro Atlanta Real Estate Transactions frequently occur without local promotion of any kind?  That's right.  The neighbors knew nothing about the sale.  Whether due to strained neighborhood relationships, planned employment changes, community management rules, or some other reason, those owners successfully sold their Metro Atlanta Homes discreetly, some through real estate agents and others for sale by owner (FSBO).  If you're considering the private sale of your home, please read on for more information on how I may be able to help.

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Working with an Agent

You don't have to deal with people who saw the brokerage sign in the lawn after coming out of nowhere to inquire about your property, many of them unable to buy at a given time.  Who are these people?  Are they even approved for a loan that covers your asking price?  This is one of many reasons why sellers choose to sell without a big agent-promoting sign in their lawn.  Guess what.  You can too.  Several of my clients have successfully sold their properties without the use of a lawn sign.  You see, it was their home so they decided whether using one to promote their property was best since signs are not required for serious buyers to find and express interest.  Some owners even chose to hide those lockboxes on the porch or set them outside when showings were planned rather than having them installed at the door.  Granted, I am compelled to add any listings to both FMLS and GA MLS where serious home buyers shop, but the nosy neighbors never knew the property had been for sale until the new owners moved in. 

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Homes for Sale by Owner

Please notify me of your home for sale by owner so that it can be shared with buyers who may be a good match.  Email addresses and phone numbers will be shared with no one and used only by me for this purpose.  While I welcome the opportunity to serve, owners will not be asked to list their homes with me.   But please be mindful that a written agreement must be in place that expresses the terms of an Authorization to Show Unlisted Property which, among other protective stipulations for both parties, describes the agreed upon sales commission to be paid at settlement.  While owners have no representation in this arrangement, they will have plenty of time to review all documents privately with their trusted advisors prior to signing them. 

Benefits of working with my clients on your For Sale By Owner

there are no upfront fees whatsoever 

for the buyer and I to tour your home.  Granted, the seller may incur contractor fees for agreed-upon pre-closing repairs should a Purchase and Sale Agreement be reached,  but many of those can often be addressed at settlement.  

Given the lack of representation and other pitfalls, selling a property for sale by owner is not always the safest for the seller, but the involvement of licensed professionals who can be held accountable for their actions should offer some peace of mind.  Please see the answers to some frequently asked questions about selling one's home. 

Call me, Solomon Greene, at (770) 271-2156 when you're considering a Metro Atlanta For Sale by Owner Sale.