Prepare to Sell a House

Selling an asset as large as one's home is not an action that should be taken lightly nor one with which many of us have much experience.  Owners, knowing how ripe the process is with opportunities for costly errors, want to gather as much information as possible before taking action, whether it is for selling the home or simply maintaining it,  While real estate agents are a great source for much of that valuable information, they often have selling the home as their singular objective and the information provided is typically in that light alone.  This page is provided for homeowners who may be considering a sale in the near future or are simply looking to provide the highest level of care and maintenance for continued ownership or otherwise.  Please come back often for updates and...

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Home Inspections and Staging

The upkeep of one's home is often a priority whether the owner is looking to provide ongoing maintenance or plans to sell.   Finding valuable routine maintenance tips, however, can be difficult and no one wants to be presented with a huge list of repair requests when they're most vulnerable, usually when they need to sell a house.   That is why these home inspection and staging tips from articles, client reports, and interviews with professionals nationwide are presented for your consideration. 

Please call for a free list of home inspectors should something in your home require further inspection.

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