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Who do you know of that is looking to sell heir property in Gwinnett County, GA before the tax bills come due in October?  

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Call Probate Real Estate Agent Solomon Greene to Sell it Fast and for More.  

Solomon Greene is a residential listing agent.  Please ask about my Gwinnett County real estate listing service.

Who Should Contact Me to Sell Heir Property?

The two individuals described above must present original Letters of Administration or Testamentary granting them the right to proceed. 

Please look for these terms in the property deed to understand how the title was held.  I'll have our attorneys also review your documents for added peace of mind.

Need to know how the decedent held title to the property?  Grab your government-issued ID, and contact me for more information on the property deed.

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Why Contact Probate Real Estate Agent Solomon Greene to Sell Your Heir Property in Gwinnett County?

And by the way, I have ZERO Interest in buying real estate at this time.  Instead, let's get the highest return to the seller on the decedent's investment by preparing it for sale and then listing it in the two Metro Atlanta MLS Systems where it will quickly reach buyers, many of them with cash, who are looking at homes for sale on hundreds of popular national real estate websites.

Please call me to help you sell your Metro Atlanta Probate Real Estate Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gwinnett County Probate Real Estate Sales

What is a probate sale in real estate?

A probate sale in real estate involves the real property of a decedent that is being sold for the payment of the debts of the estate or for the purpose of distribution.

Can an executor sell a house in probate?

Yes, once the will has been probated, an executor can usually sell a house that was included in it.  Please contact me so that our attorneys take a look at the documents to be sure that it is safe to do so.

When does the personal representative need to be in Georgia during the probate home sale process?

Once the selling authority of the personal representative (PR) and an agreement on the exclusive right to sell have been established, my team and I handle everything else locally.  The PR will eSign the engagement, offer, acceptance, and other documents, and the closing attorney will mail closing documents to the PR that require original signatures.  They'll even wire the funds from the sale after settlement, and I'll communicate frequently with everyone all along the way.  So, there is rarely a reason for the PR to be here in person in order for the property to sell.

When will the personal representative be paid?

The attorney will get your bank routing number, and account number and wire the funds there shortly after settlement.  Of course, the time of day that the funds are wired will contribute to when the funds actually arrive in the account.  But funds typically are in the account within two banking days.