A Proven Metro Atlanta Real Estate Marketing Mix

Safely selling Metro Atlanta Residential Real Estate on terms most favorable to the owner is about more than placing a sign in a yard and a listing in GA MLS. Since time was usually of the essence, I made the seller's priority my own through an effective marketing plan that attracted the buyer who closed quickly, at the best price, and with the fewest contingencies.

Here's how that was done.

Drake Realty Marketing Mix
Person completing Drake Realty Sellers Disclosure

Accurately Describe and Disclose with Images

Sellers quickly established trust with buyers who closed so that it could grow through closing and beyond by conveying the full story of their property, warts, and all. Of course, we described the new doors, roof, and siding and we didn't zoom in on wall holes or other punch list items during professional photos. But valuable market time was saved by working with buyers who were made aware of but cared little about the features in need of attention. Ask Solomon Greene about staging concepts and ways to prepare a home to sell for more. Then gain added peace of mind by asking about how to provide accurate property descriptions that limit post-sale legal exposure when selling a house in Metro Atlanta.

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Price based on the Market and Property Condition

Some owners who sold priced their homes at what they thought was the highest price that the market would bear regardless of the condition often ultimately accepted an offer for far less. Owners who sold quickly for more, however, were flexible, starting with the highest potential market price and then deducting the dollar amounts for repairs provided in local contractor estimates when necessary, even retaining those repair quotes for the new buyer. Disclosing the condition and repair estimates established trust and encouraged stronger offers, often above the list price. Position yourself to get more on the sale by learning the most likely selling price for your home in today's Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market. Start with a good home value estimator and then confirm by asking Solomon Greene for cooperative market analysis on your Metro Atlanta Home before you sell.

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Expose the Property to Ideal Buyers

Most Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agents list properties in the FMLS and GA MLS where they sync with REALTOR®, ZILLOW®, and most other popular real estate search platforms. I helped my seller clients go further by disrupting the ideal buyer's routine with virtual property tours, dedicated websites that could be bookmarked, likable YouTube Videos, followable blog and social media posts along with other shareable, highly-optimized content that created excitement among those who were most likely to buy.

"I gave Solomon five stars because he is the most honest and thoughtful person I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him to assist anyone for buying or selling a home."

Promote the Value Proposition

All of that meant nothing without the proper messaging in place. So we went beyond explaining the same old boring four-bedroom, two-bath floorplan and neighborhood amenities and created excitement around how the location of their property near one of Gwinnett County's premier award-winning soccer parks served their budding athlete well and described how the owner used the third garage bay as extra storage space for a successful home-based business launch. The content explained the convenience of having healthcare facilities, supermarkets, rapid transit into Atlanta, and senior centers just a short drive away from their ranch-style home and why those elements were just some of the reasons that those targeted buyers should make an offer at the listed price.

The term, "we," used here is absolutely intentional since this marketing plan was executed honestly by both the sellers and me. Further, the tasks were rarely executed in their entirety for all properties sold since each selling situation was different. But we all started with the listing and kept executing until the right offer came along with the buyer closing within an agreed-upon timeframe.

Place the sale of what may be one of your most valued assets in the hands of one who has been exceeding client expectations with that task since 2006!

Please call Solomon Greene today about marketing your Metro Atlanta Home for sale today.