Selling a home can be stressful without the right resources. No, it needn't be as stressful as those TV advertisers may lead owners to believe.  But selling what may be our single-largest asset is a rare experience for many of us.  My past clients have appreciated the work done over the years, partnering with them to oversee the entire transaction of placing their homes for sale from start to finish, smoothly closing within their specified time periods and allowing them to move on to their next chapters.  

How to Sell a House

Mutual wins were accomplished through collaboration with my past clients on getting their houses ready to sell, arriving at the right list price, property promotions in various places and other ways to attract the right buyer.  Keeping the owner's best interests in mind, I worked with those buyers and their agents to ensure the most reasonable outcome, offering a variety of mortgage options (often with alternatives to seller-paid closing costs), home inspectors, insurance providers and carefully managed the transaction timelines put forth in the paperwork to bring about a timely settlement that otherwise conformed to client requirements.  That is how to sell a house!  Contact Me

Probate Sale

Some of my past clients who were managing through a difficult season had already been approached by local investors offering fast cash for their inherited property. Fortunately, those owners knew or suspected that those offers were well below the real property value. Before engaging with them any further on the sale of real property from the estate, they called me at (770) 271-2156 for a cooperative market analysis and received an objective opinion about what their estate property may have been worth at that time. They then discussed their discovery with the estate attorney and family members on next steps for the property, some choosing to hold while others sold and liquidated the estate.  Contact Me

Having represented both buyers and sellers in such transactions, I have resources that help with selling the goods in the property via an estate sale, cleaning the property and preparing it to sell for the highest dollar amount that the market will bear.  But unlike with most self-centered, profit-minded investors, my past clients were protected by a commitment to the highest ethical business standards in dealing with the public, the rules and precepts put forth by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  Contact Me

Relocation Sale

There’s a lot at stake with your relocation. With all of the guaranteed buy-out offers, allowances and other incentives, time is clearly of the essence when it comes to relocation home sales. So a well-qualified, experienced, resourceful, full time agent who is knowledgeable about Metro Atlanta Real Estate, the relocation process and more is of the utmost importance. My complete pre-decision package includes a wide variety of useful information to help you make the right call.
  • The Cooperative Market Analysis includes the most recent selling prices comparable homes nearby to help you arrive at a suggested list price and the most likely selling price.
  • The average number of days that those properties remained on the market before selling will assist with meeting critical deadlines.
  • The Net-to-Seller worksheet provides valuable insight into the estimated closing costs associated with the home sale and the estimated net proceeds you might expect at settlement.
  • The home preparation checklist will suggest steps that you can take to get the highest net proceeds in the shortest amount of time.

Our customized marketing strategy and tactics will help you find a buyer, close on time on terms acceptable to both the relocation company and you.  Contact Me

Short Sale

You decided to sell your home, but the mortgage balances are higher than the property may be worth and you don’t have the funds required to bridge the difference. You may still be able to sell your home for less than the balance owed on the mortgages with some cooperation from your mortgage lenders. Here are a few steps to start things off.

  1. Obtain the mortgage balance payoff from your lenders.
  2. Call (770) 271-2156 or write Solomon for information on local market activity and an estimated selling price.
  3. Gather the requested documents so that the process can begin.
  4. If you are comfortable with what you are hearing, you should plan to get the property on the market right away.
You’ll also grant permission to interact directly with your lenders on your behalf to keep things moving along toward an approval.  Please keep communications with the lender open, responding to all letters and phone calls in a timely manner throughout the process. A short sale will adversely affect your credit score temporarily, but you may be able to sell.  With your cooperation, we'll find a buyer and get the property sold, protecting your interests as much as possible all along the way.  Contact Me

Traditional Home Sale

A traditional sale occurs when you can have funds left over for your next move after having comfortably sold your home at a price that allowed you to pay off the mortgage, other liens and sales expenses.
  • Ask mortgage lenders for an estimated payoff amount about 45 days out.
  • Use online resources to arrive at what your home may be worth.
  • Call (770) 271-2156 or write Solomon for a cooperative market analysis and hassle-free discussion to help you arrive at a suggested selling price range.
  • Carefully review your findings and decide on next steps.

You have a choice of Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agents.  If you're looking for an agent who always strives to conduct business with honor and respect for others involved, please call (770) 271-2156 or write to Solomon, even if there are only questions about selling your home for the highest net that the market will bear in the shortest time period.  Granted, we can cover a lot over the telephone, but I welcome the opportunity to meet with you either at your home or my office to go over the estimated net-to-seller worksheet, how to prepare your home to sell for more, selling strategies, tactics and so on. Then you decide if selling, even selling with me is the best choice at this time.  Contact Me

Please call or write today for more information on a smooth transition into your next adventure.