Lifestyles by Gwinnett County Public High School Cluster

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You may have already reviewed the descriptions of the many cities in Gwinnett County and hopefully found that content useful toward becoming familiar with some of what is available here. Those city limits, however, make up only a small part of the 437 square miles that we call home. The public high school clusters offer a more granular view of Gwinnett County, further narrowing down and describing those areas in ways that often matter to home buyers since most of the county is served by one of those public schools. Why not search for your need or favorite past time using the magnifying glass in the header above to find the school clusters with amenities that matter most and then search for the homes for sale nearby? Check back and search again often as this site updates with new local news. Otherwise, please find descriptions of the areas around Gwinnett County by public school cluster below and homes for sale that are likely in those areas. You'll soon learn that the cities typically work closely together rather than as silos and that most of Gwinnett County is very well developed with shopping destinations, modern healthcare, well-maintained roadways, other infrastructure and some of the finest homes available in Metro Atlanta.

Gwinnett County Public School Clusters

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Maxwell High School, Gwinnett School of Mathematics and Technology are both in the area served by Discovery, McClure Health Science in the one served by Meadowcreek, Paul Duke STEM in the one served by Norcross, Seckinger in the one served by Mill Creek and Phoenix in the area served by Central Gwinnett.